Pilar Pineda Richter


Pilar Pineda Richter


Are you carrying too many unhealed experiences and tension in your life? Leaving you with too little energy left to enjoy Life? 

Maybe you want to spend more time in nature? Change your job or have more playtime with your loved ones? Or just not be so sad or angry all the time? 

To really make those changes we often need to dive deep within ourselves and we need support in doing this. I help you make room for love and inspiration in your life. I give you tools for releasing what weighs you down and I hold space for you while you shift your life. 

In coaching sessions, we hold space for your dreams and longings. You will learn how to value your longings and to make room for exploring how you can support yourself in giving yourself what you need and long for. We also explore what is hindering you from doing more of what you want to do, feeling more of what you want to feel and being more of who you want to be! 

I guide you to be present in your body, and present with your energy. We create a safe and sacred space where you get to know yourself deeply. Together we meet and embrace the parts of you that may still be scared, angry, lost and in pain. We allow and welcome your feelings, senses, memories, and dreams. 

When you no longer try to control and avoid the pain inside, you can finally relax and it will become much clearer to you how to live your life with more ease and joy. When you let go of tension and open up for listening to your wisdom, you will get the answers you need from within. 

You will be learning how to set Boundaries so that you can feel safe in your life. Boundaries towards your own inner critic and judgmental thoughts and also to other people and situations, so that you feel supported in Life. 

By becoming aware of both the love and the violence that is inside – and meeting it all with compassion and creativity we find ways to hold and heal what has been broken so that you can make room for more love in your life!

Offers | Coaching sessions
City | Online
To | Private persons
Where | Online
Language | Swedish & English
Other skills & Educations | Music Teacher.

Courses in intuitive singing and sound healing with voice.